Our Top Mission…

is to empower economic and social self-sufficiency

Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

Utilizing a comprehensive approach to service delivery, we empower self-sufficiency for our neighbors. CAP Agency delivers individualized solutions that connect our neighbors to resources to move forward and measurably strengthen our community.


Stabilizing individuals and families in crisis is a critical first step to self-sufficiency. Due to the challenges faced by those in crisis, a wide array of supportive services are necessary and offered at CAP Agency.


CAP Agency helps individuals and families obtain the tools needed to develop solutions, access and manage the resources necessary for self-reliance.


We perform a thorough assessment to determine need, identify barriers to success and then mobilize resources. CAP Agency meets basic needs first to begin the path to lasting stability.


By addressing needs holistically, CAP Agency offers the help needed to sustain social and economic well-being.

For Fifty Years

We have touched over a Million lives

At Scott, Carver, and Dakota Community Action Partnership (CAP), we believe that stability comes through quick and measurable action. We open doors. We bring light into the lives of those who live in the shadows of our communities. CAP Agency offers the helping hand and the tools and resources needed to be self-sufficient for the path ahead.

We partner with public entities, businesses, schools, philanthropic entities, other non-profits, and faith-based organizations. CAP Agency is the fabric that binds our community and neighbors together. 

How we help

Crisis Intervention

When families come to us in crisis, we work with an interdisciplinary team to assess needs and determine appropriate responses.


Education is a key component in achieving economic security. At CAP Agency, we make significant investments in early childhood and parent education.

Safe & Stable Housing

Housing is essential for individuals and families well being. We know that investing in safe and stable housing reduces costs now, and in the future.

Goal Planning

The key to achieving goals is to have a plan. At CAP, we work in partnership with families to establish realistic, obtainable goals to ensure long-term success.

Food & Nutrition

A critical component to a healthy life is nutrition. CAP Agency works to ensure that individuals and families have access to nutritious food.

Community Outreach

CAP Agency provides people supplemental resources – clothing, school supplies, and holiday items – as they work to achieve economic and social well-being.

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