Strategic Plan

In 2010, Scott Carver Dakota Community Action Partnership (CAP) Agency embarked upon a strategic planning process that sought to create a shared vision of delivering the Agency’s mission in a manner that builds on its 45 year history and prepares for the challenges and opportunities of today and the future.

The strategic plan seeks to build a more cohesive infrastructure, helps the Agency anticipate changes, and modernizes the organization to meet evolving needs such as the challenge of raising funds.

The Scott Carver Dakota Community Action Partnership identified  the following four strategic initiatives:

Organizational Excellence
Diversified Fund Development
Marketing & Communications
Technology & Information Management

These four initiatives will strengthen our capacity to provide comprehensive and quality services and will assist us in realizing and advancing our mission in the next five years.

Leverage technology as a vehicle to create a future-oriented, effective, and efficient organization.

Through the effective use of technology and information management, the Agency will produce solutions that innovatively improve service and make us more responsive to our clients and the community.

Develop and secure diversified, sustainable, and stable funding.

By developing new partnerships, cultivating new relationships, and enhancing existing relationships the Agency can fully fund our mission.

Harness marketing and communications to build awareness for our brand.

Provide consistent and coordinated marketing that compellingly and professionally communicates our impact to inspire confidence and support for our mission and vision.

Grow a culture of excellence and innovation.

Inspire staff and board members through continuous improvement, commitment, and cooperation that ensures that the Agency consistently performs at high levels and delivers high quality service.

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