Early Head Start


Early Head Start is a home visiting program in Scott, Carver, and Dakota counties. It is designed to nurture healthy attachments between a child and their parent/caregiver. It provides a full range of services for each family from pregnancy to a child’s third year. Early Head Start provides a safe and developmentally enriching, caregiving experience. The program promotes physical, social and emotional development of infants and toddlers, aimed towards school readiness.

A Typical Early Head Start Visit

Visits are designed to meet family’s individual needs, and are year round, once a week for 90 minutes. The visit includes:

  • Greeting child and family
  • Discussion of last week’s visit/questions
  • Parent and child activity presented and modeled
  • Caregiver and child engaging in a new activity
  • Planning goals for next week’s visit

Twice a month, group socialization activities are planned where families can connect and explore their community. 


Am I eligible?

CAP Agency Early Head Start is available in Scott, Carver, and Dakota counties for families from pregnancy to a child’s third year. Household income, child’s age and family size are considered for eligibility.  

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete a Head Start/Early Head Start application, check the box indicating Early Head Start (applications are available to the right). In addition to a completed application form, those applying for Early Head Start services must provide proof of income, such as:

  • A copy of your federal 1040 tax return or
  • W-2 (income for the last calendar year) or
  • Copies of your check stubs and proof of other sources of income during the previous three months: salary or wages, unemployment benefits, Interest income/other, MSA, social security benefits, proof of income from self-employment, retirement or pension income, SSI, child support/alimony, MFIP/TANF/SWP, or complete no income form

All information is confidential and is only used to determine how to best serve the needs of your family.  Please call 651-322-3500 and ask for Early Head Start with any questions or for assistance in completing the application.


  • 50 Years of Head Start
  • Head Start History
  • National Headstart
  • State HeadStart
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